People who are allergic to house dust do not need to shy away from down and feather filled bedding products, because house dust allergies are not an issue with down and feather bedding!

According to representative studies in Central Europe, where hundreds of homes, bedrooms, beds, blankets and pillows were checked for dust mite infestation and allergen content, it was clearly found:

Feather and down filled duvets and pillows are not an environment preferred by household dust mites. Within this bedding, with normal care, virtually no mites can be found, since the dense weave of the covering fabric is virtually an impenetrable barrier for these creatures.
Down duvets (with a faster heat build-up during sleep and quicker moisture reduction with ventilation) are for this reason, a very unfavorable environment for the moisture-dependent mites.
In each apartment and in every bedroom there are almost inevitably dust mites. They feed directly from people, upon the tiny flakes of skin that inevitably and constantly, individuals lose. In contrast, feathers and down represent no food source for the mites!


There is, therefore, no reason why allergy and asthma sufferers should shun down and feathers. Such a stance means that perfect sleep comfort is simply sacrificed.

There are neither scientific nor practical reasons  to discourage the use of feather and down duvets for sufferers of house dust mite allergies.

Down and feathers are not - as is often wrongly assumed – the cause of house dust mite allergies.

Down and feathers, generally speaking, do not cause allergic reactions of the airways, such as asthma and hay fever.  An instant >>feather allergy<< occurs very rarely.

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