A responsible environmental attitude
is of utmost importance to SEIBERSDORFER!

Throughout the world there are very few companies, like Seibersdorfer GmbH, that exclusively use pure, fresh spring water to clean their feather and down raw materials.

Benefiting from the geographical position of our company and its modern pumping station, it is possible that more than 60,000 litres of fresh water can be extracted daily from the ground. Other competitors are often forced to use already ‘polluted’ used washing water for the pre and main wash cycles.


The difference is understandably in the resulting level of cleanliness - the technical expression being “clear-sightedness” – and the filling capacity, corresponding to the “bounce back ability”, which is at all times, clearly superior using the fresh spring water method.
Due to the enormous volume of water (in its cleanest form) that is continually needed from nature, in 2010 Seibersdorfer GmbH, working with the specialists from Cillit Water Technology, embarked upon a project to establish a fundamental multi-stage washing system. An auxiliary rotating filter and suction were used. In addition to an inclined filter, two generous tanks, each with a capacity of 12,000 litres, were integrated into the circular flow. With this filter the contaminates in the washing water, with help from biological biodegradable substances, are separated using the process of flocculation. The result being that very clean, hardly burdened and the clearly biological water is passed to the public waste water treatment plant.

The entire facility is naturally fully automated and computer controlled.

Automated sampling at two locations is used to control and carry out ongoing monitoring of the cleaning capacity throughout. The total investment for this exemplary technique – a symbiosis of the highest product quality and modern environmental protection – over 100,000 EURO.