The patented bridge system in our coverings ensures that the filling stays in place and that you enjoy uniform warmth and soft and cuddly sleep.


In terms of a dry sleep environment, down is simply unrivalled!
Down is perfect in terms of moisture absorption. For example, synthetic fibers - contrary to popular belief - cannot absorb moisture. Hollow fibres and their cavities, are only in order to give a feeling of softness. It is, however, not possible for small droplets of moisture to penetrate into the interior of the fibre. Feather and down, however, are hygroscopic, ie moisture attracting.

Down provides the perfect climate balance!
Down beds are ideal for balancing temperature. In winter they heat up quickly and cooling down is prevented during the deep sleep phase. In the warmer months you do not feel so sweaty, because the down immediately “sucks away” the moisture from the body.

The moisture absorbed by the down is released!
The heat remains in the air and is stored within the down filling, the moisture being retained to some extent even during the night in the ambient air, the rest of the day. That is why, in the morning, a shaking of the bedding and airing of the bedroom is recommended. Down bedding and pillows should NOT be tightly tucked in immediately after getting up from the bed and in doing so, preventing the possibility of drying out.