SUMMER FLIRT »ultralight«

As light as a petal from a tender bloom, the ultra light model SUMMER FLIRT is filled with 165g of exquisite down. Wonderful breathability and able to regulate humidity, this ultra light duvet provides the best sleep for those hot summer nights.



This light duvet is designed for summer nights. With its 300g filling it is also ideal for those transition times between Winter-Spring, Summer-Autumn. Breathable, with a superb temperature and ability to regulate humidity, the SPRING ROSE provides the optimal regenerative sleep-comfort.


VITALITY »light, comfort and medium«

VIRTALITY, with its distinguishable five chambers and separate octagon shapes (Baguas) is available in three weights: light (380 g*), comfort (500 g*) and medium (700 g*). The pure VITALITY is also available with the finest, ultra light nano-batiste. You will find in the VITALITY design the optimal combination of harmony and energy.


VITALITY »megawarm«

This duvet with a side wall construction and Bagua stitching can handle even those Arctic-like nights, providing a comforting, exquisite sleep climate. An internal wall system within its stitching ensures freedom of movement, ensuring that the filling is evenly distributed within each section. In spite of the high level of warmth provided, this unique, cuddly duvet is only filled with 900 g* of down.


BODY MAXIMA »megawarm«

Like its sister design VITALITY, »megawarm« provides the BODY MAXIMA warmth and sleep-comfort to an individual sleeping in an ice cold bedroom. Also with a 900 g filling, it comprises of a different filling material, but again offers extreme lightness.



*Filling weight for the size 135 x 200 cm