Modern down duvets and feather pillows from the house of SEIBERSDORFER are generally, today, washable.

Due to the particularly fine, soft construction of the down batiste covering, regular or at least all too frequent washing (but with washing instructions) is recommended. Conventional household washing machines are in the spin cycle and especially during the drying process, not designed for the large volume of down coverings.

We recommend, therefore, approximately every five years taking your down bedding to a special laundry to be cleaned by bedding-skilled professionals.

If, however, you have a down product that you wish to wash yourself, it is possible using a delicate cycle up to 40°C and a special down detergent or a fine detergent.

Due to the low weight of down products, detergent should be used very sparingly.

Softener must in no instances be used, as this would stick the fine down structure.
Spin at low speed.

Before the drying process, take the down duvet out of the drum and loosen the filling. Then in the dryer at a low setting, with three clean tennis balls, thoroughly dry the duvet through.

If necessary, a second drying process, after a break of at least half an hour, is needed.