100% metal free
The Energy-Oasis solid wood bed frames are equipped with metal free connectors – metal connectors possibly attracting electro-smog.

Polarised wood processing
The wood in the Energy-Oasis products is processed with regards to its grain and fibre orientation, as it had grown in nature in the trunk of a tree.

Feng Shui – measurements
For more life energy (Chi) the beds are produced using positive Feng Shui measurements:103 x 210, 145 x 210, 177 x 210 and 198 x 210 cm*

Ideal for allergy sufferers
Swiss pine, thanks to its essential oil (containing a high proportion of alpha-pinene) is antibacterial, thus warding off house dust mites.




The sensitivity that people have to unseen vibrations in their surroundings is without doubt jointly responsible for feelings such as wellbeing.

Energy-Oasis-products – developed with well-known radiesthesia experts - enrich your bedroom with positive vibrations and a wonderful radiance of calm and security.

  • Reduced heart frequency whilst sleeping!
  • Unrivalled recovery effect!
  • No occurrence of heart meteorosensitivity!
  • Natural, antibacterial properties!
  • House dust mite protection without chemicals!
  • Increased positive vibrations!
  • Pleasant, beneficial aroma!