The Energy-Oasis (Energie-Oase) sleep system from Seibersdorfer, for decades a Europe-wide leading company in down processing, may justifiably claim the title of being the largest innovation in the area of health and restorative sleep in recent decades.

Having occupied ourselves with the teachings of Feng Shui for over 10 years, we have been able to develop a range of down duvets and pillows.  These hand-crafted coverings and pillows incorporate the wisdom of Feng Shui (Bagua stitching, measurements (auspicious/inauspicious) in order to deliver our so called Energy-Oasis range, the result being a complete sleep system which is unique throughout the world.

The underlying principles of  Feng Shui, radiesthesia, traditional Chinese medicine, bio information, kinesiologist measuring, etc have in the last few years given rise to a sleep system, whereby the sleeping individual is on the one hand provided with positively charged energy, but at the same time is shielded in the best possible way from negative, harmful radiation influences (electro-smog, Geopathic Stress Zones, disharmonising Earth vibrations, etc).




Due to its uniqueness, the Energy-Oasis sleep system is able to deliver a level of recovery to the individual which was at one time almost impossible to comprehend. In order to provide overnight the optimal energy and strength that is possibly needed for the forthcoming day, it is necessary to consider what is needed for the complete bed. It is for this reason that Seibersdorfer offer every individual component that allows you to update your existing sleeping arrangements.

The Energy-Oasis bed frames have been specifically manufactured around the polarisation effect of solid wood, without metal fastenings. Likewise in the area of orthopaedic mattresses, a focus upon the highest possible choice of materials exists. The special Aqua Swing spring-loaded button frame is equally manufactured to be metal-free and offers perfect, individual adjustment – ideal for back pain. All down products – pillows with or without energy symbols, as well as our choice of coverings – have been expertly hand-crafted and filled exclusively with feathers and down from happy, un-endangered geese.

The Energy-Oasis sleep system comprises of:

  • Natural wood best frames, manufactured from Swiss Pine
  • »AQUA SWING« bed bases
  • Orthopaedic mattresses
  • Mattress toppers (pads)  that providing shielding against electro-smog
  • »VITALIS«  energising ring
  • Down duvets and pillows
  • »SILVERINA« and »KAPOKINA« pillow cases