Using the following chart you can easily find the right heat level for you. Then you can choose between our conventional box construction duvets, with patented bridge system against the shifting of the filling, as well as the innovative patented Feng Shui products with their Bagua-stitching and naturally, also internal bridges to keep the filling evenly distributed.

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Is it true that down coverings are much lighter than other sleep products?
Yes, down is much lighter and therefore, more pleasant than other bed coverings with the same heat output. Even in cold bedrooms, a 750g high quality down filled duvet will provide a pleasant sleeping environment. Synthetic or natural hair coverings would weigh more than double. A blanket, whilst lighter, can restrict movement whilst sleeping, which in turn, can lead to tension.

Is it true that down has an extremely high heat-retention capacity?
Yes, in the cold season the stored air between the microscopically fine branches of the down is perfectly isolated against the cold. Synthetic fibres, such as those for cold bedrooms and for sleepers who require warmth (eg those suffering from rheumatism), are less suitable because they cannot store as much air. It is exactly for this reason in expeditions under extreme cold conditions, down sleeping bags are still the first choice. And because of this unique feature, down beds are unsurpassed in their lightness and with it, cuddliness.